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Phil Kaplan, CEO

The Expert People Trust and Fitness Leaders Rely Upon
Phil Kaplan is a Personal Fitness Trainer by passion and trade. His commitment to delivering thrilling outcomes and his hunger for mastery of human betterment has led him along an extensive path establishing him as a Medical Fitness Leader and Pioneer. Having worked with over 10,000 clients, travelled the world conducting seminars for over 500,000 people, and appearing on over 1,000 TV and radio programs, he stepped away from the limelight to pursue a divine vision. In 2005, after being misdiagnosed with a chronic disease, Phil obsessed over the idea of creating interventions that empower people to “treat” themselves, and “cure” rather than “manage” their conditions. He continues to appear at fitness and medical conferences sharing his insights and strategies, and continues to build a massive body of evidence for 21st century “human healing.” The A.L.I.V.E. Program, the Metabolic Reboot, The Younger Better Stronger Program, and The Miracle of 7 are all active vehicles toward helping people return to excellence and find their best selves.
For decades he’s been serving the health, fitness, and medical communities as a teacher, mentor, leader, and guide shining light upon The Fitness Truth and Transforming Bodies and Lives Worldwide.
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Is Your Condition 

Medical Fitness Expert Phil Kaplan has identified that Restrictive Endocrine Maladaptive Adrenal Stress Syndrome (R.E.M.A.S.S.) afflicts over 65% of the adult population, often accompanied by a hypothyroid, diabetes, or metabolic syndrome diagnosis.

Because the conventions of medicine do not recognize Restrictive Endocrine Maladaptive Adrenal Stress Syndrome, most will fail to understand . . . it is a fully reversible condition.

This simple quiz will provide insight as to whether or not you are harboring this fixable endocrine condition, and more importantly, if it's reversible.
Reverse Chronic Illness
Dramatically Improve Your Quality Of Life By Getting Rid Of Chronic Illness Once And For All
Gain Youth & Vitality
Become Biologically Younger And Gain Life Transforming Health, Fitness And Vitality
Reignite Your Inner Fire
Restore Balance, Hormonal Activity, And The Power Of Your Metabolism Quickly, Safely And Effectively


The Miracle Of 7

What if it were possible to become "younger" in the next 7 days?

Get remarkable insight about The Miracle of 7, a miraculous health, fitness, and body transformation program that brings significant change in only 7 days and can be repeated again and again for a complete reshaping and reinvigorating of any body at all!

THE Younger, Better, Stronger Program, a scientific breakthrough

After years of research, study, and application, we’re seeing clear evidence of “re-genesis,” of human bodies generating new biologically younger cells.

The Metabolic Reboot

This is the program that’s been revered as the solution to weight loss resistance and the fail-proof map to reversing chronic disease. You begin with only 9 minutes of exercise, there isn’t any restrictive dieting, and you learn over the course of three short weeks to reignite your innate metabolic power.
Individual Betterment
  • Reverse Weight Loss Resistance 
  • Restore Divine Energy and Power
  • Renew, Regenerate, Recompose
  • ​Lose Fat / Build Lean Body Mass
  • Reverse Chronic Disease
  • Restore Ideal Blood Sugar
  • Restore Thyroid Output
  • ​Return To Divine Health
  • Get Your Team "Fit"
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Maximize Team Performance
  • ​Energize The Spirit Of Camaraderie

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Attention Medical Practitioners

The Ground Shook, the World Changed, and a New Universe Revealed Itself.
In this universe, health practitioners committed to healing and human recovery become the pivotal players in allied health care. There’s a level playing field for those pioneers from the annals of the fitness world and the medical field to ascend, excel, and prosper.
Whether you’re an MD, DO, Naturopath, Chiropractor, PA, Nurse Practitioner, or highly credentialed and skilled fitness professional, stepping into this new realm gives you a glimpse of the most exciting and valuable movement in health care.

The Healer Nation

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