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Change Your Mind to Change The World

Phil Kaplan's Most Powerful Program for Personal Trainers Ever Offered . . .
and for a ridiculous no-excuses price!!!!!

Is it possible for you to invest one hour to increase your annual revenues by $80G while helping greater numbers of people trade in their bodies for new ones? Yes!

Can you really command professional respect and command the types of fees professionals in other fields collect with ease? Yes!

If you're not already at the level of professionalism and career security you hope for, if you're committed to personal training excellence but the road seems filled with obstacles, you must . . .

"Change Your Mind!"

Phil Kaplan has made a study of psychology and the success mindset and in this electronic book he teaches personal fitness trainers to completely adjust their thinking in order to literally program themselves to join the fitness industry elite. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a veteran, the rules and perspectives Phil shares can ensure that your future brings great reward and that consistent career growth is a sure thing.

This first-of-its-kind program includes not only strategies for achieving professional status and income, but also never-released promotions guaranteed to kick profits into high gear! The invaluable ebook also shares Phil’s much sought after strategy for turning any 800-square foot space into a personal training studio on a shoestring. The entire program is backed by Phil’s unconditional money back guarantee of satisfaction, but now it gets even better.

Phil's added four career-altering audios, 11 additional detailed promotions, and a full-length report that lays out in great detail how a personal training entity can be structured to rival the most lucrative offerings in any segment of the fitness industry. This is the real-deal, this is raw power, this is the mindset adjustment every personal trainer needs.  

Phil is thrilled to announce that he has re-released the 2003 ebook Fired Up! as an online program titled, “Change Your Mind – Change The World – Instilling Confidence in the Personal Trainer” by adding 4 incredible audio programs, each one filled with mindset-adjusting gems of wisdom, each one delivering groundbreaking concepts in such simple-to-grasp language you'll be shocked by the sudden power you command. The four audios in total provide over 60 minutes of Phil at his best and each one in and of itself has the abiliy to facilitate a mindset shift. 

You'll also get a complete report previously made available only to select high level health club operators.  The report discusses the concept of "Managing Results" (rather than managing memberships) and delivers an enitrely new paradigm for health club operation, one that's already proven to deliver the elusive "3-Way-Win." The club profits, the personal trainers prosper, and the members are absolutely thrilled by their results! Whether or not you're involved with health clubs at any level, the thought process and the promotional strategies revealed in this report can exponentially increase your income and exponentially increase the ability you have to transform bodies and lives.

If you've learned from "experts" before, and you think this is more of the same, you clearly don't know Phil Kaplan. He's an innovator who has spent the better part of 20 years "fixing" the flaws that too often leave fitness professionals stuck in a financial shortfall. The fitness passion that drives people to become Personal Trainers often becomes quicksand as trainers are plagued by uncommitted clients, a lack of support in their working environment, and an absence of career security.

Change Your Mind to Change The World may be the most aptly titled program ever developed for this field.

Mindset isn't just a catch word sports psychologists throw around. It's often the element that separates champions from competitors. Some believe it's the single most important element in determining whether any human being in any endeavor sees the road and the method of traveling along it in quest of achieving their wants and dreams. Phil was sanctioned to write "The Mental Conditioning Bible" for Weider Japan to be used as a resource for athletes seeking the greatest possible outcomes. He's interviewed coaches, psychologists, and the highest performers and has come to recognize that mindset is not a gift, but rather a force that we have the ability to control.

Just as someone seeking weight loss needs a strategy and a discipline, just as a physique athlete needs focus and a belief in possibility, a professional in any given field needs a guiding light, and the Personal Training field has been so fragmented it's barely stepped out of its infancy as a professional avocation. Change Your Mind has the ability to change the entire industry, and that change will happen one motivated trainer at a time.

Here's the most shocking element of the availability of this program. While it addresses methods of boosting income immediately, while it lays out a complete profile of owning and operating your own personal training studio if you choose, while in all it shares over a dozen of the most real-world, proven, do-able promotions the fitness field has ever seen, while it could easily sell for over $5,000 and prove extreme value for every single customer, right now this complete program is only $60! That isn't a misprint. Sixty dollars complete. It’s guaranteed to be worth tens of thousands.  That isn’t hype, that isn’t marketing spin, that’s reality, proven every single day by fitness professionals who have learned to design their own futures using Phil’s infallible strategies. 

A Bold and Confident Guarantee

"I absolutely guarantee that any competent fitness professional with a fitness passion and a desire for growth can apply any of the strategies provided in this program and increase annual revenues by $5,000 - $100,000 within a matter of weeks.

If for any reason you don't find the mindset shift this program brings you to provide a new sense of professional clarity, if you don't see your way clear to what feels like an instant elevation in professional stature, and if for any reason you just don't believe the program will pay for itself 1,000 times over, simply request a refund and it will be issued promptly, no questions asked." - Phil Kaplan

The “Change Your Mind – Change the World” program is self contained with 6 downloadable components, each one a work in itself, each one capable of instilling a new confidence which translates to career ease, career growth, and an absolute certainty you can provide the highest levels of service and charge appropriately. 

This program is a step toward Phil developing a complete curriculum which will have a $2500 price tag, but as it’s complete, a simple download, and Phil wants to get it into the hands of serious trainers who will immediately apply the information, the initial release is at an absurdly affordable price.   The idea here is, price should not be an issue.  Getting this information into the hands of 1,000 personal trainers will have a clear and discernible value in working toward creating a new perception of Personal Trainers, in essence, a new breed who command professional respect and recognition. 

This program is strategically designed so you can begin with any single component of it and see, feel, and count (in terms of dollars) the impact within 24 hours! 

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The Prosperity Audio Programs

Audio #1: The Instant Mindset Shift 

This audio program explains precisely why personal trainers have such a difficult time “selling,” and how a simple exercise can instantly break through FEAR and result in an immediate $5,000 income increase without working any additional hours.  This audio, in and of itself, will pay for the program over 100 times!

Audio #2: The Golden Funnel

Whether it's via a seminar or a small group Orientation for new health club members, Phil's trademarked "Hour of Power" is the most effective manner of establishing a position as an expert and converting groups of individuals into reliable committed one-on-one clients. In this audio program he refers to it as "The Golden Funnel" for its ability to literally pour money into your pocket as it takes a wide field of prospects and funnels those who are qualified right through into long term clients. Rather than spending one-hour with one-prospective client as most trainers do, you'll get paid well for the hour ($80 - $160) and walk away with up to 20 new weekly sessions! In this program you'll open up to the idea that one single hour of your time can generate $80,000 in a year! In this presentation you'll also understand precisely why, at a subconscious level, trainers are averse to the idea of asking for the money they're worth, and more importantly, you'll learn to link prosperity with the pursuit of educating and informing people.

Audio #3: The Three Bases Assessment 

Most trainers start out using a complete fitness assessment, and with time they tend to limit their preliminary “testing” to a bodyfat measurement and perhaps a “before” photo.  In this audio program you’ll learn why this is an immense mistake and you'll learn why the physical element is only 1/3 of the assessment process that can continue to increase reach, motivation, revenues, and professional respect.

Audio #4: Success Habits 

Too many trainers ask the question,” what else can I do to be successful.”  This leads to taking on more and more obligations, giving up control over your calendar, and taking a trip directly toward the land of burnout.  This audio will allow you to re-think what you already do and will empower you to instill habits rather than accept obligations so you are literally programmed to succeed.

What will you learn?

More than you'll expect, as that's one of Phil's operating absolutes, "Deliver More Value Than People Expect."

You likely already have high expections, and rightly so. You''ve likely already summoned up the "too good to be true" filter, the idea that something with a $60 price tag cannot possibly deliver so much extreme value . . . and if that's the case, again it's clear, you haven't yet met Phil Kaplan. He'll teach you:

  • How to command the value you're worth, regardless of what you charge now
  • How to eliminate no-shows and cancels
  • How to ensure career security
  • How to form simple strategic alliance that drive clients to you without fail
  • How to use a handful of simple strategies to turn every prospect into a paying client
  • How to ensure that you control your own calendar
  • How to open / operate your own studio regardless of your present finances
  • How to make any personal training business successful, rewarding, and secure

Change Your Mind - Change The World, subtitled, "Instilling Confidence in the Personal Trainer," will reveal from the onset how even those who feel as if they're operating "outside of the box" are caught up in a paradigm limited by old ideas, by twisted perceptions, and by limiting beliefs.

The lack of a clear and consistent standard in the personal training field no longer need be an excuse to dismiss the professionalism of those who have made the human machine a study, and when you really get a glimpse of the world outside of the box, you'll recognize that you've been standing in the doorway too long.

The door leading to extreme career reward and longevity is right before you; you just didn't know how to walk through it. That's about to change.

You can think, you can wonder, you can procrastinate, and you can watch as the industry changes, or you can change the course of your career right now by ordering your program and beginning to Change Your Mind!!!!

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