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Are You Afraid to Talk To Me?!?!?

Wah, wah, wah. The economy.

Wah, wah, wah. Nobody wants to train.

Wah, wah, wmmmph. That's the sound of me stuffing a sock in your mouth if you're going to whine and cry about the economy.

I could tell you stories of people I know who faced and overcame real challenges, some that'll bring tears to your eyes, others that'll make your skin crawl. I could, but I won't. Just suffice it to say, this is an opportune time for personal trainers. Give me an open minded upbreat willing-to-try-new-things personal trainer and I can get that trainer's career to soar.

Over the past few months, aside from launching a new program aimed at the largest segment of our population, I ran my 8 Days of Change program, I started my Be Better #5 group, and I've decided I'm going to do one more thing to lift and rescue trainers from the tar pit of woe, the figurative pit that limits their thinking and keeps them stuck. For a limited time, I'm going to speak with willing ambitious personal trainers, via telephone, one-on-one, to create a mindset shift, one that frees them of being stuck.

Do you want to talk to me . . . or are you afraid?

Afraid of what you ask? Maybe you're afraid of challenge. Perhaps you're afraid of giving up the crutch of "the economy" excuse.

Are you afraid of bring shown opportunity that puts you in the spotlight, one that asks you to show what you're really made of?

You can decide I'm arrogant. You can decide I'm blowing hot air, or insist you're doing all that is possible. I wouldn't argue any of those assertions. I would, however, suspect that anyone who thinks I'm anything other than committed to helping people find betterment hasn't met me yet. For many personal trainers, finding a sense of community among those who "wait for things to turn around," keeps them safe from striving to be different, striving to be better, jumping out into territory only few have dared tread.

If there were a crystal ball that could tell you what the future might hold for you, would you peer inside?Suppose there were two alternative futures, one with reward mixed with struggle, the other a path of joy and prosperity. Would you be willing to choose the more compelling future, knowing it would ask you to step out of your uncomfortable comfort zone?

This is not an exercise. This is reality. There are two alternatives.Neither alternative is bad, but one is ordinary, the other extraordinary.

I donít have a crystal ball, but I have something better.I have a more in-depth knowledge of the life experience, the mindset, and the potential of a personal trainer than anyone else on the planet.I also have the proven ability to help you climb out of the stuck place most personal trainers are in, a dependent place where you wish for growth but canít seem to turn the wishes into genuine belief.You have an air of confidence, but if youíre like most trainers, deep down itís riddled with doubt. 

If you are willing to invest and spend 20 minutes with me on the phone, Iíll do two things that will blow your mind.

1. Iíll help you see potential you never imagined

2. Iíll get you to change course so radically youíll have to look back and wonder what in the world happened

Let's make this real world. Here's what I teach trainers to do:

  • Command client actions and master client outcomes. In other words, get clients, compel clients, thrill the daylights out of clients, and get paid happily, on your terms, in the ultimate and consistent win-win.
  • Crystallize a multi-faceted strategy, rather than simply prescribing exercise routines, so "results" are 100% in line with your promises, regardless of how often you see each client.
  • Create a client base in a manner that ensures that you never have to "sell." You'll always have new resources for building clientele. You can effortlessly tap into these resources whenever you feel that it's time to expand your "reach" and your revenues.
  • Create a calendar that is in line with your desire, not your perceived "need." In other words, you can live the schedule you choose, not the one you set up to accommodate clients
  • Remove any apprehensions about income, compensation, or pay and establish a connection between what you do and effortless prosperity

That's a short list, but a very real representation of the simple, subtle, shifts that turn frustration into empowerment.

If you are willing to invest $100 and 20-minutes of your time, I'm ready for you to put my promises to the test.

One-hundred Dollars. Twenty Minutes. Read on . . .

I teach trainers to understand the strategy that causes the non-accidental perception of excellence. Creating a revered position, not only of an expert, but of a necessity for those who seek fitness solutions, can be done with precision. The trainers that I counsel have learned, not only how to capture a marketplace, but also how to effortlessly instill profit centers that align with their core businesses. They've learned, how to develop programs that generate $1,000 per working hour, and how to separate "the trainer's work" from "the trainer" which is perhaps the single most valuable insight in developing a joyous career with the promise of longevity.

Whether you call it business, success, or career development, I've learned to master and teach the art of balancing a personal training career with a sense of true prosperity, and I want to share some insights with you. I have courses, seminars, programs, and a library of articles, but I want to talk to you, to understand your wants and limits, and to help you break past whatever your present obstacles may be.

If you want to set up a 20-minute telephone consultation with me, do it now!

I know it's human nature to question, to seek out an agenda or hidden motive. You won't find one with me. Anyone who has worked with me in a professional role knows my passion, knows my genuine desire to help people, and knows I'm uniquely positioned to help trainers. If you're still wondering what's up my sleeve . . . what this reeeeaally is . . . Iíll tell you, but I'll first tell you what this isnít.

It isnít a scheme.It isn't an intention to get you to sell any products. It isn't smoke or hype or exaggeration.

This is an opportunity for me to reach trainers who have the "want" but not the outcome, and teach them to find their just rewards.

Are you thinking of reasons why it might not be for you? That's natural. It's the protective input of your emotional experiential memory keeping you safe. Perhaps you think you're too advanced for this consultation, or too specialized. Maybe you think you've been in the industry so long this can't be for you.

I want to talk to people who feel the "career" was less of a choice than a calling. I want to talk to those who have a certainty that they are doing the right thing . . . but they're faced with undeserved struggle. When I use the word ďstruggle,Ē Iím not suggesting youíre flat on your face broke.You have clients.You train clients.You collect money for training clients. Youíre doing well, youíre admired, and you know your stuff, but the ďwantĒ seems too far away from the ďnow.Ē

If that hits home in any way, I want to talk to you.


The Thought Battle

Two conflicting thoughts may emerge at this point.

The first may tell you, "it's crazy to spend $100 for 20 minutes," and if that thought is circulating, it is connected with a series of beliefs that likely limit your own willingness to charge what you're worth.

The other thought may be the one that has kept you reading thus far. "What if this 20-minutes really leads to some new decisions. What if it leads to major shifts in my career and results in my multiplying my income by thousands?"

It's an interesting and to-be-expected battle. As a personal trainer seeking excellence, you've received so many mixed messages regarding value and income this internal debate can be paralyzing. Don't let it.

If you are ready to accept that value cannot be measured by increments of time, but rather by lasting impact and long term results, I want to talk to you.

If you're unsure, and you can't find comfort with parting with $100 for 20 minutes of anything, or if you feel there's something inherently wrong with this "opportunity," here's an option.

Rather than reading any further, rather than even struggling with the decision, order my Change Your Mnd - Change The World program. It's $60. It's hours of material. There's an ebook, exercises, profit illustrations, and lots of audio. It wil change your thought process without you having to feel at all pressured, without you having to feel a need to let your guard down, and you can get the downloads immediately. Change Your Mind - Change The World will help you see new potential and very real opportunity for extreme growth.

If thought #1 is predominant, if you know there's room to improve but you're not finding "$100 for 20 minutes" sitting well with you, order Change Your Mind - Change The World.

If you're accepting that someone who has generated tens of millions of dollars in revenues for consulting clients over a 20-year period might have some insights that can turn a $100 investment into a wise decision . . . continue on . . .


Are you willing to be extraordinary? Not everybody is. I mentioned earlier some who receive this will reject it because they're afraid. There's a fear attached with being different, even if "different" comes with greater opportunity.

Your inner voice can steer you away, telling you how you had hope for all those other "programs" you tried. You won't even find a hint of simillarity between what I'm offering and what is "out there."

Nothing you'll hear from me comes from anywhere other than experience. Everything I teach Iím living.I maintain a blemish-free track record having worked with thousands of individuals, hundreds of large scale fitness operators, and personal trainers from Alaska to Moscow. Literally.

Iíve counseled some of the most accomplished people in the entire fitness field, and now I want to counsel well-deserving personal trainers who couldn't typically consider a "consultant." Just as you have a passion to help people with your knowledge . . . Iím using mine.

I guarantee there isnít any coach in this field who has the diversity, experience, and willingness to talk to you as I will. I can make you better, not by working magic, but by giving you incredible new perspective about what the future can hold if youíre willing to change course right now. 

How long will I keep this offer going? I don't know, but I do know I'm on a mission and it's the most thrilling yet. I have vision of a future where personal trainers are revered for their ability and their value, and I'm watching it happen and unfold in the here and now.  I'm booking appointments no more than 14 days out and I reserve the right to discontinue this at any time.

I know some personal trainers will reject this.Theyíll find reasons such as, ďI donít need this,Ē or rhetorical questions such as, ďwhat can he teach me that I donít already know?ĒThose are ďshut downsĒ that also stem from fear, sometimes with ego standing guard.You can deny it, you can insist Iím blowing smoke, and if thatís where you land, so be it.If youíre willing to pry away a bit of protective ego, if youíre willing to admit that there may be a few things you can do better and that a shift in course might be just what you need, then challenge the fear that holds you back.

Thereís safety in staying ďstuck.ĒYou donít run the risk of putting yourself on the line.You can commiserate with others who are also finding struggle in their pursuit of their fitness careers.Itís scary to step away from that, to be different, and to challenge convention.If youíre afraid, I understand.The question is, will you admit that fear is an obstacle and will you challenge it?Are you willing to test yourself and see if you can really step up and excel? 

I know of another reason or justification that will prevent some personal trainers from talking to me.They look at their past and they decide that things are just how they are.ďI was never able to break out of this before, so this is who I am and what I am going to live with.Ē If you let your past limit your future, it will.Iíll give you some perspective.

The past is only the trail you leave behind, not the arrow pointing toward your future.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was far more poetic than I, and he said, ďDo not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.Ē

Iím setting a new bar for personal trainers to hurdle, and once they hurdle the bar, new trails will take shape.

I take immense pride in the mission I've initiated. It comes with a fiery contagiasm. I'm helping personal trainers release the passion and connect it with actual power. Read the medical paradox if you want to get a sense of how Iím bridging the gap between medicine and fitness.Iím committing to create a small army of personal fitness trainers who establish professional respect and compensation in line with medical professionals.

Wanna talk about your future . . . or are you afraid?

Hereís the opportunity.Invest in yourself.$100.Weíll talk for 20 minutes.Iíll give you insights that will change your future. If you opt to register for one of my products or programs, Iíll credit the $100 toward it, and . . . for two months youíll be invited to participate on a fully interactive monthly group coaching call with other trainers pursuing the highest levels of excellence.

$100 is a lot of money??!! Wah. Wah. Change your thinking! Invest in yourself what you should be collecting for an hour of your time. If for any reason you don't feel that you received tens of thousands of dollars worth of value, I'll refund your $100 no questions asked.  

Why am I doing this?Two reasons. 

1 - Iíve seen the promised land.OK, that may sound overboard, but Iíve taken 30 years of experience and developed a new program, platform, and protocol that allow personal trainers to leap beyond anything they ever imagined doing what they love to do.I earn my living as a personal trainer, and you will too.It will just be a ďbetterĒ living.

2 Ė I want to leave a legacy . . . one that allows me ten years from now to look at the industry and know I was in part responsible for the elevation of the perception of personal fitness trainers. ďThe industryĒ isnít ready to step up, but Iíve already met a handful who are.I realize if Iím going to spur this forward, the ground army must be reached by personal contact, one trainer at a time.

Are you willing to talk to me . . . or are you afraid?

If youíre ready, willing, and have a sense that something new is about to unfold, here's what you do right now. 

  1. You go to my calendar block out a time and invest $100
  2. You get access to a consult form and you submit a paragraph best describing your present situation, a paragraph best describing where youíd like to be, and whatever you believe to be your most pressing problem or challenge.You submit a contact telephone number and Iíll call you promptly at your scheduled time.

After the call Iíll credit the $100 toward audio and materials and provide you access to the two monthly calls.

Schedule your appointment now. I can't wait to talk to you.

Be Better. Always Better,

Phil Kaplan

P.S. - If you're still looking at this page, and you haven't done anything yet, get unstuck!

The diagram at left illustrates the nature of the repetitive cycle of "coming up short."

If you want your career to be better, you have to summon new thoughts and new actions. If you're here, and you haven't set up the telephone consult, don't be victimized by repetitive patterns that have dictated some of your less than thrilling outcomes. Change your thinking.

Order Change Your Mind - Change the World and get unstuck!


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