The "Strategy" Handout

Just days ago I had the privilege of meeting 1500 personal trainers from around the globe at the IDEA Conference in Las Vegas.  If you were in my "Strategy" session, you're aware we took a few detours to address questions and I promised the completed handout would be sent via email.  Click Here and download it as a pdf file


If you have trouble accessing the pdf file, send an email to and request that the Handout be sent directly to you as an email attachment

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Find out precisely how your brain dictates how far you progress in your personal training career, and consider grabbing hold of a rare opportunity to make some exciting shifts as you interact with an elite group of trainers from around the continent heading for eight months of extreme career betterment.  Read About the "Be Better" Project

Change Your Mind - Change The World

Phil's newest program is available as an instant download and it's already reshaped the mindset of the lucky few who gained early exposure to this groundbreaking success program.  It's affordable, it's available, and it will offer such a radical change in outlook and perspective you'll realize your future has few bounds or limitations. 

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Four Keys, Three Pitfalls
Find and master the "Four Keys" to entering the realm of "fitness professionals," a place where professional respect, emotional reward, and fair compensation align.


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The TRANSFORM! program is the manifestation of the "strategy" that seamlessly integrates the right nutrition, moderate aerobic exercise, and a concern for muscle.

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