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A New Opportunity for Quality Supplementation

by Phil Kaplan

If you know me you know I'm committed to what I've termed, "The Fitness Truth," and in my media appearances, articles, and seminars, I share many of the supplement realities. You can find some brutally honest reviews by exploring the Site Menu. While I was initially resistant to creating my own line of nutritional products, my continued exploration led me to conclude, if I want to provide true quality, and if I want to bypass the insane hype and promises of miracle results, I'd have no choice but to create my own products. It started with my Meal Replacement Formula, EAT! Pro!, and today I have four products. I do not plan on adding anything to the line. I will, however, if time and science reveal value in new compounds, add them into my formulas in efficacious amounts.

Originally I created EAT! only for my clients, and I never dreamed we'd be shipping cases out of a warehouse to people all over the world. Here's a lesson I've learned. When you deliver true quality, and you represent that quality with honesty, growth is slow and steady, and slow and steady growth is all I could ask for.

The four formulas are all benefit oriented.

    • GROW! is for those seeking muscle increase and/or weight gain

    • BURN! is an aid for those seeking fat reduction

    • EAT! Pro! is the vital meal replacement that helps make supportive eating simple

    • RELOAD! is the post-workout recovery formula.

I'll provide links to articles that will help you better understand the products, but I wanted to let you know, you can now profit by selling these products to your clients, and I assure you, repeat business is a given. 76% of first time EAT! customers reorder, and 33% of second orders are for four containers (with a special price incentive)!

All of my products come in 2-pound containers. They each sell for $39.99. The regular "Buy 3, Get One Free" special allows regular customers to buy four containers for $119.99. Trainers can now buy a four-pack of any of the four products (all four of the same product must be included in order for the discount to apply) for $99.96 ($24.99 per container). While you're not likely to get rich from selling these products, nor are you likely to create a college tuition fund for your kids, you can make a few extra dollars and create a new stream of revenue with the confidence that both you and your clients know what you're getting. Earning $15 per container, $60 for every four you sell, can begin to add up and an extra few hundred dollars per month is quite possible. I know if I promised "wealth beyond your wildest dreams" or "a ticket to Paradise" every seller of every MLM product would beat a path to my door. I'm staying away from wealth promises. I'm simply offering you an opportunity to share in a profit center that has worked well for me, one founded in quality and committed to consistent excellence.

The following articles do provide some insight into my products, and also share some approaches I use with clients and customers. If you'd like to order at the trainer discount, call Holly at 1 800 552-1998 or use the links at the bottom of this page.

The Simplicity of Growth
The Fat Loss Trick
Post Workout Recovery

Truth About Meal Replacements

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