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Phil Kaplan, after years of sorting through the realities in the sports supplement arena, developed this high quality meal replacement formula for his customers and clients, never dreaming it would be the favorite choice of pro athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness professionals. Production costs to use the highest grade whey and egg proteins combined with a complete profile of vitamins and minerals with added glutamine peptides prohibited EAT! Pro! from ever being sold in the mainstream, but Personal Trainers can now purchase EAT! Pro! at a never before offered discount. 70% of customers are repeat buyers and if you're a trainer, both you and your clients can benefit.

You can now buy EAT! Pro! directly from Phil Kaplan's offices at only $24.99 per container (in quantities of four). That allows for a $15 profit per every container you sell to your clients.

Boost your profits with a formula you can trust. Call 1 800 552-1998 to place your order or visit the online superstore.

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