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Here's a letter from the Director of Education for PEAK Training:

My name is Mark Joseph. I'm a trainer just like you. Well, at least I started out that way. I completed my degree in Exercise Science, got my Personal Training certification, and believed I was about to embark upon a career. Then reality hit. I managed to find a core of clients, but it became a revolving door. Some would cancel, others would miss appointments, and every time a client "screwed up," I suffered for it. I put in "free" hours at a prestigious health club in hopes of building my client base, but found myself working far too many hours to justify the effort. I was looked at among my peers as a successful trainer, but in my heart I knew there had to be more. Fate is a funny thing. 

As I was considering pursuing other fields, the club I was working with brought in a consultant. Phil Kaplan. He conducted a training session for our training staff and I was shocked! Amazed! This wasn't the same old information I'd learned in my certification classes. This was powerful information that I knew within the first hour would allow me to skyrocket my Personal Training business to a new platform.

My income increased dramatically almost instantly. I would never again be subject to a "no-show" client. I was being paid handsomely for my time. No more free hours. For the first time ever I was earning respect as a true professional. Phil also empowered an entire personal training staff to band together and start collectively generating more money, not by aggressive selling, but by doing precisely what drove us all into this field! Getting people results! While I never shared this with my clients, I have to admit that I was amazed by the remarkable fat loss, health improvement, and muscle gain they were all achieving when I began using the techniques Phil shared.

Why am I sharing my story? Because I've gained so much passion for helping people, I've now joined Phil's team! As the Director of Education for Phil Kaplan's PEAK Training Division I can now share the success information I've acquired with other trainers who desperately need this to grow their careers.  In the photo below, you'll see Phil and I joined by 60 of the nation's top Personal Trainers for our PEAK Training weekend.  If you're not in the photo, it's time to register for our next session!

Yes, this is an invitation to join me, Phil, some special guests, and 59 other fitness professionals for what has already been coined, "The Greatest Personal Training Opportunity of All Time!"  Click here to read a letter directly from Phil, get a sneak peek at what the weekend holds in store, or read through the comments our past students have shared.  Then call me immediately at 1 800 552-1998 to reserve your space. I'll see you in South Florida in June for a weekend you'll never forget!


Mark Joseph

Director of Education

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Click here for a letter from Phil

Click here to read through comments from previous PEAK students

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