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Phil Kaplan Conducted A Life Changing Seminar in February 2001.

Now . . . He's Doing It Again!!

Join Phil Kaplan, his committed staff . . . and 499 others June 7, 2001 and Love Your Body Forever!

The Best You've Ever Been Seminar

with Phil Kaplan, Live!

It's taking place at

Guest Quarters Hotel 

Fort Lauerdale, Florida, 7 - 10 PM

An Awesome Event!

On Thursday evening, February 1, at Shula's Hotel in Miami Lakes, 500 People From Every Imaginable Walk of Life Learned to Take Complete and Total Control of Their Bodies and Their Lives at Phil Kaplan's "The Best You've Ever Been" Seminar.  


The event sold out and the response was incredible!  So incredible Phil's been talked into adding another date!  If you missed it the first time, you don't want to miss this rare opportunity to join Phil, Live, as he shares ALL of his secrets of Positive Physical Change.  There's nobody else in the industry who even comes close to providing the life-changing powerful truth you'll learn from Phil Kaplan.

On May 3, at 7 PM, another 500 people will learn to TRANSFORM!  If you'd like to master the secrets of physical transformation, don't miss it!  You'll be shocked, amazed, entertained and empowered in what promises to be the most powerful 3 hours of your life! 


 Here's just a piece of what you'll learn:

  • How to burn fat with only 12 minutes a day of aerobic exercise!

  • How To Stimulate Your Body To Crank Out "Feel Good" Chemicals . . . .all the time!

  • How To Achieve The Best Physical Condition of Your Entire Life!

  • Which few supplements really have value!

  • How to see through the deception in food labeling!

  • How to eat more food than ever and incinerate fat!

  • The shocking truth behind the best selling diet programs!

  • How to Take Total Control of the way your body looks and feels!

Get your tickets now!  
They'll be $60 the day of the event if tickets are still available.  Order right now for 50% off and guarantee your seat!  

Call 1 800 552-1998 or 

Visit the on-line superstore!

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For Fitness Pros . . . 

"The Best You've Ever Been Event" will also kick off an entire weekend during which 60 Elite Personal Fitness Trainers will visit South Florida to learn from Phil Kaplan and his special guests.  It's guaranteed to be worth over 1,000 times the registration price!  If you are a fitness professional and want to rise to the top of the field, you can't afford to miss this!  June 7, 8, 9, and 10 2001!

 Registration is $750.  

Here are a few comments from the last PEAK Training Group:

I've been in this business for close to twenty years and thought I'd seen it all.  This seminar was without a doubt the first one that I didn't want to leave! - Rocco Castellano, Owner, Rocco's Complete Fitness Systems, Covington, KY

It is worth every penny!  I would highly recommend Phil's PEAK Seminar to anyone in this field.  I'll be waking up for the next few weeks with new ideas and enlightenment from what has taken place this weekend. - Donn Hebel, Certified Personal Trainer, Plantation, FL

TEAM KAPLAN EXPLODED INTO THE NEXT DIMENSION exceeding my already soaring expectations.  This is the greatest return on investment I've ever received.  I have doubled my income every year for the last three years using Phil's techniques.  My advice to anyone in the fitness industry is simply, If you want to help people live the greatest possible life every day, and possess a true passion for fitness, then PEAK Training is the ONLY alternative! - Billy Beck III, Personal Fitness Trainer, Canonsburg, PA

Definitely attend!  You will definitely emerge a leader in the field. I've received so much information I'm worried my head might explode!  - Stephen Szwed, Certified Personal Trainer, New York

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