Let’s Make life better, and then . . . better still! 

A glimpse at the power of ongoing betterment

By Phil Kaplan

15 years ago I was recognized as someone who had risen from the trenches to achieve success and I began to share my strategies with others. Everything I’ve taught trainers in the decade-and-a-half that followed is the combination of everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve proven, everything I’ve done, and everything I do.  Nothing is theory, nothing is conjecture.  Today there are many offerings of fitness wealth, and while I wouldn’t disparage any of them, I will ask you to carefully consider the source, the intention, the accessibility, and the track record of the individuals behind each such offering.   

This opportunity comes to you as a door waiting to be opened, a chance to learn, first hand, how to take the dreams of personal fitness trainers and turn them into reality.  If you have the desire to be more, to do more, to have greater impact, if you know your passion and ability aren’t fairly rewarded, and if you’re willing to be challenged in a manner unlike anything you’ve ever done before, read on.  The door will close very quickly. 

WARNING: Don’t read this if you’re uncomfortable with challenging convention.  I don’t want to create an internal conflict in trainers who feel temptation but are held back by fear.  Don’t read this if you only have a few minutes to spare.  Read it when you have 45 – 60 minutes to sit down and dissect it, to understand the promise it holds, and to evaluate whether you feel this is for you.  The figurative door I mentioned is open ONLY for 8 personal trainers.  If you opt to continue reading, be prepared.  Life, as you know it, might become a thing of the past, and recognition of the opportunities around you will take you to places you never imagined. 

If you’re still reading, perhaps a bit intrigued, and you have some time to spare (by the way, if you don’t . . . that may be an indication you NEED this program), read on my friend, read on . . . .  


Are you ready to take the leap?  Prosperity Awaits!

Over the course of 2007, two dozen trainers from all parts of the continent learned to set two outcomes apiece. 

They each set one outcome for their businesses and another for their lives. 

Within minutes . . . not days, not weeks, not months, not years, but minutes – they had an absolute certainty that these outcomes were inevitable.

This phenomenon had nothing to do with conventional goal setting, nor did it involve tedious hours of business planning and financial projections.  It had everything to do with the RAS, the EEM, and the PFC, three mental and emotional components that you can grab control of and in doing so, redirect the course of your life, your finances, and your career.

The Be Better Project was a first-of-its-kind interactive program designed to guide committed, passionate, career-oriented personal trainers out of frustration and into prosperity.  It didn’t involve any over the top promises, but it did guarantee that by aligning the personal trainer mind with some invaluable infallible principles of human psychology, influence, and caring, struggle could be traded for adventurous and groundbreaking growth; personal growth, financial growth, career growth, and an unexplored level of confidence that emerges as if it’s been buried within and has suddenly been released.

Of this select group of 24 trainers, several opened their own studios after years of battling fear and “what if’s.”  Some tripled their incomes, others quadrupled their incomes.  Some found more time to spend with their families and some found the burden of managing time was replaced by an ecstatic embracing of every single day.  Some have astounded themselves with their ability to create financial flow by simply doing what they most love to do.  All of them brought about unprecedented change in their clients.  All of them learned to market magnetically so effort was replaced by a thrilling sense of ease.  All of them found new perspectives on their potential to achieve. 

Now, with the announcement of Be Better III, the door is open for eight new trainers to join this group of role models and leaders.



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What exactly is The Be Better Project? 

The Be Better Project has been an evolutionary program that has grown out of the successes, challenges, and achievements of its members.  The participants have been a select handful of trainers willing to think so far out of the box they wind up losing sight of the original box and replacing it with what can only be described as dreams coming true.  It’s impossible to describe adequately in words on a page, as “Be Better” is an experience that can only be appreciated wholly by tapping into its power.  In short, you benefit from interaction with kindred spirits, trainers who you might never have otherwise met, who share a common mission, a common language, a common passion, and a common interest in helping everyone in the group find ongoing betterment.  A connection forms that is purely win-win-win.   

The Be Better Project is a mechanism that allows me to take strategies unmatched in their power and introduce them to those who will most benefit.  It’s an extension of my consulting service, but one that has taken on a life that has set a new high for our industry. 

Is "Be Better" right for you?

You no doubt enjoy the hours you spend around the exercise environment, but if you're like most trainers, it’s the quiet hours that get to you.  You lie in bed wondering how you’ll ever get ahead, how you’ll ensure a future for yourself and your family, and you feel a distinctive sense of fear as you wonder whether you’ll ever really be able to achieve the type of personal training income and security you dream of.  Sure, you may have good weeks, good months, and you may meet immediate financial needs, but are you building a future, one that allows you the freedom to do as you desire?   

If you’re like most personal trainers, you shut out the doubts as a protective mechanism (something you’ll come to recognize and alter), take it one day at a time, and find that from year to year, despite new knowledge, new certifications, and new clients, not a whole lot has actually changed. The hard-faced reality is, you are involved in an eternal struggle to own your time, to balance the hours you are forced to put in with the financial return.

What’s holding you back?

There are three things that can prevent personal trainers from achieving gratifying success.  The first is . . . some trainers just don’t have “it,” “it” being the X-factor that creates rapport, that is the cornerstone of the vital infectious contagiasm (a word I coined) that drives the most successful personal training teams.  If you don’t have “it,” this program will frustrate you by pushing you beyond your capacity.  If you have the thing, the X-factor, the trait that indefinable but vital, and you’re not in control of a thrilling and rewarding personal training career, it’s one or both of the other two things holding you back.

The second blockade that puts a ceiling on personal trainer potential is an absence of knowledge. Worse yet, that absence is sometimes blocked by a false sense of know-it-all-ism.  If you are well learned in exercise, but you’re finding attracting, compelling, or motivating clients to be a limiting factor, I promise, there is an elusive but life-changing knowledge available, and it’s the knowledge shared in the Be Better Project. 

The third blockade is fear.  I know you’re not a fearful person extrinsically.  I’m sure you readily accept physical challenge, but I’m referring to an intrinsic subtle fear. 

Fear is a protective emotion, but it also has a propensity to limit forward progress.  The mind and body are amazing in their joint potential to protect you from harm, to provide you with safety, but they aren’t wired to skyrocket you to success.  That’s up to something you have control over, human will (a concept drastically different than what we conventionally think of as willpower). 

Are you afraid of facing that the path you’re on will NOT bring you to financial security?  Are you afraid of the fact that if you ever want to take an extended vacation your income drops to zero? Are you afraid of competition, of failure, of taking a leap and opening your own facility, or if you already own your own facility, afraid of all of the “what if’s” that plague you every day? 

This doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human, and just as you’ve learned to alter physical outcomes, I can show you how to alter confidence, career, and financial outcomes.  It’s not only as if outcomes become predictable, but it’s as if you’re in the driver’s seat of your own destiny, and wishes become dreams, dreams become goals, goals become realities.  It all begins with recognition of the internal communication between three “wired” parts of the human thinking mechanism.  (you can get details with the pdf download of the not-yet-released Be Better Text - email amanda@philkaplan.com)

You can change your wiring, and with it, radically change your outcome!  I’ve proven it with this select group of trainers, the Be Better group.  The group is made up of fitness professionals who were willing to challenge convention, to follow my lead, to trust me as a success coach, to venture beyond the limits of what they once perceived as “safe,” and to serve as role models for what an entire industry is capable of. 

Are you angry?  You should be! 

You see celebrities touting fitness and weight loss programs without substance.  You see ads for small circuit training fitness centers promising to be the great salvation of an overweight gender.  The drug and medical communities promise gastric surgical solutions or aesthetic liposuction procedures, and what frustrates you to no end is . . . people are buying!  Does it make you angry? 

Passion plus awareness can lead to a justifiable anger.  Your blood boils when you see a new diet book hit the stands.  It cranks up a few more degrees when you hear people discussing their latest absurd strategies for fitness or weight loss.  You want to bury your head in the sand when you see someone trying to reduce her thighs relying on the adductor machine, or someone doing side-bends holding a dumbbell in each hand certain they’re ridding themselves of love handles.  You get angry at the drug companies, at the supplement companies, at the infomercials, at the reality TV shows, and at other trainers who store their ethics away in some locked box, never to be found again. 

Are you frustrated?  You shouldn’t be!

Anger is justifiable, as a vigilant attempt at breaking through the massive deception infecting our fitness-lacking population requires some steam.  Frustration, however, is simply a state resulting from an absence of control, and if you’re frustrated by the career stumbling blocks that affect the great majority of trainers, the Be Better Project can be your salvation. 

Most trainers are frustrated by the energy output necessary to attract new clients.  Even the best laid plans tend to fall short of delivering the desired revenues. 

Most trainers are frustrated by the challenges they have motivating clients to adhere to all necessary elements of the program.  They learn to point fingers, justifying clients’ failure to achieve goals with self-serving accusations such as, “I tell him what to eat, but I can’t be with him 24 hours a day,” or, “He’s supposed to work out on his own two days a week, but he just goes through the motions.”  It takes a rare breed of trainer to question whether these assertions are preventing a breakthrough.  I assure you, they are.  As all of the Be Better trainers have learned, you can help EVERY client achieve the desired result, and there are techniques of individual programming and motivating that go far beyond conventional approaches. 

Most trainers are frustrated by having to manage cancels and no-shows without ever coming to realize they can almost always be prevented.  You need never suffer a financial loss because of a client’s unreliability if you learn to prep each new client with powerful words that assure a link between scheduled sessions and trainer pay. 

Even some of the top producing trainers are frustrated by the need to be present every minute earnings occur.  In other words, their businesses are fully reliant upon their continued performance.  That can change for you immediately. 

Embrace the anger, channel it into fuel, and with a new awareness send frustration packing.   The scams and rip-offs aren’t accidental.  They are intended to milk a desperate marketplace of power . . . and to keep the dollars moving from consumers to sellers.   

There’s a reason the public buys crap and nonsense. There’s a reason advertising copywriters and art directors are paid the big bucks.  There’s a power behind “what they do,” and I can show you how to literally steal that power, to take charge of your own marketplace, and to gain more exposure and attention in your marketplace than any national media campaign could ever hope to provide. 

The Be Better trainers have learned to produce, without fear, while they enjoy leisure time, family time, or even trips and vacations.  They know how to maximize their extraordinary service potential (a term covered at length in the early phases of the program) and lay claim to the fitness-wanting marketplace, regardless of the noise and clutter advertising creates. 

Is there a better time to attach to this prosperity project? 

A shuttle has launched.  The bar is being raised.  While personal training is beginning to gain respect, as Universities develop their degree curriculums, as the medical field offers greater opportunity to connect with fitness professionals, without a new quality of knowledge, knowledge beyond sets and reps, knowledge of effective influence, flawless communication, and dream fulfillment, the shuttle will leave you to follow its trail in years to come. 

Just as our clients, our own lives are steered by the decisions we make.

You weigh things out rationally, but in the moment you make your decisions based on emotion.  You plan and set goals and justify the reasons you tend to fall just short of desired achievement.  You find the good in what you’ve done, and downplay the fact that you aren’t moving toward your dreams.  As you progress through life, you reason downward, lowering the threshold of the early dreams you could summon up at will.  If you’re ready to test the waters, to see what your true potential can bring you, to plunge into the unknown with promise of a future determined solely by your willingness to dream, act, and learn, you want to be a part of Be Better III. 

The future is a blank canvas, and you can design the way it looks and feels. 

I don’t know whether it’s a knack, a gift, a developed skill, or simply a side-effect of having my finger on the pulse of an industry for 25 years, but I’ve been complimented, rewarded, and praised for identifying precisely what the next wave, trend, or industry shift will be.  I haven’t any psychic ability, but I remain in the trenches, in touch with clients, customers, consumers, trainers, health club owners, media hotshots, biochemists, and the international fitness marketplace and I can recognize, not only needs that aren’t being filled, but wants that can only lead to blue waters that remain untapped (analogy borrowed from an insightful business book, Blue Ocean Strategy). 

In nineteen-ninety-something I was invited to speak at one of the national conferences about trends.  I took the presentation beyond an exploration of “the hottest new trends” into a recognition of the language personal trainers would have to speak to enter the 21st century with an edge.  I still get emails from people who attended that conference telling me how it changed their careers for the better. 

Surfers learn to look beyond the immediate wave and see if “the big one” is just a bit closer to the horizon.  I see the big one coming. I’ve spent the better half of my career helping trainers find success, and today I am witness to the payoff.  Trainers are emerging as true professionals.  No, this isn’t happening globally yet, but among the personal trainers I’ve touched through seminars, conferences, and consulting projects, a new breed has emerged.  I’m ready, right now, to prepare another eight people for what is yet to come, to give them the edge they need to arrive in 2010 as leaders controlling their own destinies. 

You deserve to really love what you do, to do what you love, and if that’s a cliché at this point, it’s one that describes the day-to-day of the people in the Be Better group. 

Is this really the opportunity of a lifetime? 

As you’ll learn as you progress through the Be Better curriculum, marketing today is built upon a platform of parity, a cluster of imitators replicating innovation.  As a result, phrases such as “the best,” “the number one,” or “the most amazing” have little impact on a desensitized marketplace.  The words, “opportunity of a lifetime” are used to sell everything from time shares to multi-level-marketing schemes.  I wouldn’t call this the opportunity of a lifetime for reasons now made obvious, but I will promise that if you have “it,” the Be Better Project will astound you in its power to up the juice of your life.   

The Be Better Project is now a community of hand-picked trainers who have come to understand simple rules that turn failures into lessons and lessons into new power.  It’s a forum whereby I can serve as master coach to willing students, and share ideas that can be implemented instantly for exponential change.  It’s a program ONLY for committed passionate personal trainers who believe there’s another level, trainers who know their potential presently remains a mystery, trainers who recognize that being pointed in a new direction by someone who’s been there, done it, and taught others how to do it, puts them way ahead of the pack. 

Here’s what this isn’t.  It isn’t a turnkey program.  It isn’t a “make a million dollars by noon next Tuesday” program.  It isn’t a revolutionary client acquisition program or a direct mail campaign that sends millions of people to your website.  It isn’t a promise of lazy riches, but as any member of the Be Better Project will attest to, it will open the doors to effortless prosperity. 

If you’re feeling the magnetic pull of the opportunity, don’t let the door close before you stick your head in and take a peek.  Call my wonderful assistant Amanda and she can put you in touch with a few of the existing Be Better trainers and/or arrange a 10-minute conversation with me so we can determine whether this is, in fact, the opportunity for you! If after our discussion we find it to be a potential fit, we can connect you with some of the existing participants so you can get unbiased first hand feedback.

Call Amanda at 954 495-8065 or email her at amanda@philkaplan.com to inquire further or to get the Be Better text, a 30-page pdf download.

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